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Nirvana provides turnkey lottery and gaming solutions and consulting with over 30 year of experience across 15 countries.

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Unique and advanced technology implementations driving return on investment


Lottery and Gaming Solutions

Nirvana has been a pioneer in the development and digitalization of lottery and gaming solutions.
Turnkey solutions encompass the latest technology trends available in hardware and software solutions including seamless customer user experiences, maintenance and scalability.

HOT stuff: Nirvana d.o.o. has been accepted as the World Lottery Association (WLA) Associate Member by the WLA Executive Committee on its meeting in Naples on May 9th, 2019. WLA is the organization that gathers state lotteries and lottery suppliers of highest professional rating.

See official WLA webisite here.

Nirvana was founded in 1985, by Arsen Dobrota, who is actively involved with both the innovation and development team. From inception, Nirvana's key competencies included developing bespoke software solutions for various industries. In the late 90's, Nirvana become renowned for its innovative software solutions for the gaming & lottery industries.

Nirvana's strength lies in the strong understanding of the needs of both clients and consumers when it comes to lottery solutions, as well as speed in being able to implement new technologies and solutions. Nirvana has the ability to manage and offer turn-key solutions for new markets.

Nirvana prides itself of having over 30 years of lottery technology experience, and also offers tried and tested outsourced human product resources for projects that require significant scale. As such, Nirvana is the only known business globally that can provide 'self-serving' VLT terminals with CIS scanners that can independently read and process lottery tickets.

With growing consumer demands, innovative new products are entering the gaming and lottery landscapes. Nirvana has the technical know-how and commercial acumen that can assist all its clients in developing state of the art lottery solutions that will not only capture the imagination of consumers, but will deliver revenue and profit growth for its clients.
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Nirvana can work with customers on developments on existing platforms or can develop bespoke turn-key lottery solutions. Some of our key product categories include:


Nirvana's software has been tried and tested for over three decades, across 15 markets. Nirvana's software handles up to 10.000 transactions per minute, based on the Linux operative system, ensuring no hidden costs.


State Lottery of Croatia

State Lottery of Croatia is a successful state run lottery brand that acquired Nirvana’s technology to design and implement an online platform. In 2001, innovations in payment services with new demands from consumers, State Lottery of Croatia required a solution to expand their traditional off–line platform into digital products. Nirvana designed and developed a solution that would assist with the migration from offline to online, activating payment methods online with software solutions to create online tickets.

Nirvana also teamed up with Siemens-Nixdorf to create a turn-key solution. Siemens-Nixdorf co-developed self-serving lottery terminals, running Nirvana’s software with the purpose of linking the retail lotteries business with online and terminal business.

In the first 18 months, State Lottery of Croatia’s footprint expanded to over 3.000 touch points, plus supported online gaming. This resulted in revenues more than doubling, with a payback period of less than 12 months.

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State Lottery of Serbia

In 2000, four different lottery solutions were available on the market, including both private and public lotteries. Lottery revenues had significantly plummeted. Legislation was passed to allow only one state lottery, causing a buy-out of privately backed lotteries.

Nirvana proposed a solution that would merge all existing lotteries onto one platform solution and created one software solution, functioning across all four different hardware modules in the market.
Nirvana used its LYSA software solution to build a bridge amongst the various hardware solutions, and create one national, and relevant, Lottery product. This particular case also required cost effective hardware upgrades.

At the beginning of the project State Lottery of Serbia had an annual pay-in of 4m Euro, and within 24 months the pay-in rose to +110m Euro. Both customer and consumer satisfaction levels were over achieved, resulting in an enormous turn around.

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State Lottery of Bosnia and Herzegovina

State Lottery of BIH had solely relied on lotto for many years. Nirvana recommended additional verticals that would be complementary to its Lotto product. TV Bingo was introduced as an innovative revenue stream that would complement the lotto vertical. Nirvana assisted State Lottery of BIH in developing the business plan, and after careful review, Nirvana was contracted to roll out this new product vertical. Within 24 months, further innovative verticals were introduced to the market, such as a 6/45 lotto product.

In 2017, TV Bingo has grown to over 90% revenues of State Lottery of BIH, with limited impact on the traditional Lotto product. This innovation had opened up a whole new consumer base to State Lottery of BIH, with incremental profits.

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